From electric guitars, to acoustic kazoos, we will record anything (and everything!) and make it sound great. Our Solid State Logic 9000J, 64 input console is enough to handle even the largest projects. Our Pro Tools HD system allows for 24 simultaneous channels of input at sample rates as high as 192k. Combine all of that with our collection of high end mics, preamps, and signal processing gear, and you have magic waiting to happen.


It probably is not the first thing you think about when you listen to your favorite song on the radio, but chances are plenty of editing work was done behind the scenes to get it there. Nowadays, precise editing can make or break a project. Whether your looking for absolute perfection or just want to smooth things out a bit, we can skillfully manipulate your performances in to the perfect take. Let us help you make the best out of your recordings with our impressive editing services. Some services include:


Mixing is crucial. Put your project in the hands (and ears) of someone who can squeeze every last bit of greatness from it. Mix analog on our SSL 9064J mixing console, and get your project to the level it deserves to be at. We also have a large collection of some of the best analog and digital signal processing tools to get the best sound possible out of your project. All of this, combined with our creative and technical expertise, will allow your musical vision to come to fruition.


Even if its not technical, we can help. We offer assistance in arrangement, composition, performance, and other musical guidance to get your project to the level it should be at.

ADR and Voice Over

ADR, voice over, sound design, and lock to picture services are now available. Let us handle the audio portion of your game, movie,
or audiobook.

Mobile Recording

We now offer mobile recording for your concert, performance, lecture or event. Capture your performance and share it with all of your fans that couldn't make it to your show. Great for conferences, lectures, and presentations as well!

Beat Brokering

FreqLab recording is proud to offer a beat brokering service. This new service is designed to help bridge the gap between artist and producer. We have a diverse catalog of fresh beats and instrumentals, which is constantly being expanded and updated by some of the bay area’s best producers. Our clients can make selections from a wide variety of styles and price points, to find the perfect fit for their project. Multi -track files will be provided for all purchases unless otherwise indicated. Special packages are available for artists looking to put together a whole record. We offer a one-hour free consult to new clients looking for beats and instrumentals.


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