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FreqLab Control Room


At FreqLab Recording we are dedicated to creating amazing sounds, and phenomenal records. We are driven by the perpetual pursuit of pushing the boundaries of audio. That’s why we go to such extraordinary lengths to provide the most sophisticated, flexible, and up to date facility possible. We have spared no expense and left nothing to chance. Careful consideration has been paid to every step in the chain to ensure that we deliver the highest quality recordings, productions that surpass expectations, and mixes that translate to hit records in the real word.

We also understand that the key to making a great record is often creating the right atmosphere for the artist to relax, experiment, and create.

It’s all about the vibe.

More than just a company, FreqLab is a community of engineers, producers, musicians and song writers, with the common goal of creating great music. Every project is different , and requires a slightly different approach. At FreqLab we work with our clients to identify their needs and establish the goals for their project. We strive to match our clients with the engineers and producers best fit to tackle the specific challenges involved with bringing their vision to life.


Studio E was originally designed and built by the legendary Wally Heider circa 1972. As rumor has it, Studio E was not in the original plans for Wally Heider’s San Francisco studio complex, which consisted of only four rooms. Studios A,B,C, and D were all modeled after rooms at Heider’s Studio 3 in Hollywood which had been used for many hit records of that era. For some reason the plans for Studio B were scrapped and that space became a game room, and later an electrical shop and series of other auxiliary rooms. However, the growing demand from bands and record labels required more studios be built which lead to the birth of a truly original Wally Hieder Design. Studio E featured a beautiful wooden control and medium sized tracking room. The geometry involved with the design of the Control Room is really impressive, visually and acoustically. Wally was apparently so happy with the design he made a replica of Studio E in his LA studio.

In 1980, Wally sold his San Francisco complex to a partnership consisting of Michael Ward, Dan Alexander, and Tom Sharples who renamed it Hyde Street Studios. Over the next two decades Studio E became home to a number of Engineers and Producers. For a while it was operated as Earwax Productions, and then as The Cookie Jar Recording.

In mid 2008, Zack Phillips moved his budding studio business, FreqLab Recording, from a room at Rocker Studios to Studio E. About a year later he was joined by Brian DeLizza who had previously owned and operated Indopendence Studios in Fremont, CA. The two joined forces, and in 2010 they began renovating the studio. They gave the control room a “face lift” while performing improvements to the infrastructure of the facility, including a machine room, large cable troughs and a major reworking of the HVAC System. All this made way for the installation of a SSL 9064J Superanalogue Mixing console, one of only a few in Northern California.

Although the studio is constantly being updated with more modern features, much care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the original build out, and the sound of the room. We believe that if Wally were here to see it today he would truly be proud of what we have accomplished.