"I was recently hired to record guitar and bass tracks at FreqLab Recording with engineer Brian DeLizza. Brian's knowledge of equipment made the setup process extremely quick. FreqLab has a great supply of preamps, mics, and signal processors that allowed us to dial in the exact tones appropriate for each song. Once in the recording process, Brian had full understanding of his recording software that allowed us to track and do punch-ins without any wasted time. I would recommend FreqLab Recording and engineer Brian DeLizza to all who are looking for top-quality tracking."

- Greg Studley - Session Musician

"FreqLab Recording is the best bang for your buck in the San Francisco Bay Area, hands down. These enthusiastic engineers go above and beyond to help you bring your vision into reality, and I guarantee you'll have a blast doing it."

- Sam Gouveia of Cast Iron Crow

"I use Freqlab when its time for professional industry grade recording and mixing. Zack is my go to engineer when I'm ready to take my music to the next level. So far FreqLab has helped me record and mix numerous songs sold on Itunes and Amazon.com. FreqLab has also mixed my track entitled "Got Me", which recieves spins on BDS/Mediabase radio stations. Two videos directed by Tha Razor with tracks Featuring Mistah Fab and BeedaWeeda have also been mixed at Freqlab. When I think of the best recording environment in the Bay Area, I think of FreqLab. Break bread for the best!"

- Jayleez of Rock Child Entertainment

"As a Bay Area musician I have been working with Brian DeLizza for the last three years. He has engineered and mixed two commercially available albums for my group, we are very pleased with his output. After partnering with Zack Phillips and Freq Lab Recording, the level of audio engineering has blown me away. Good rates for studio time paired with knowledgeable engineers has helped to push my development as an artist, I owe a lot of my success to Freq Lab Recording."

- Azreal of NOV8RZ

"We recorded Post Human Era's debut album To Build A Fire with Brian DeLizza producing and engineering the entire process. Before going in, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about all things sound, being a multi-instrumentalist producer; but Brian's breadth and depth of knowledge is frankly unbelievable. You can ask him literally anything and he will give you a concise, scientific answer that most University professors would be unable to provide. He plays to his strengths, which are numerous: beat programming, engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering. Whether the project be a full-band or a conceptual electronic album, you would do well to work with Brian DeLizza."

- Daniel Finfer of Post Human Era

“Mixing at FreqLab always takes on a surreal quality. There's something magical about the place. Brian has the phattest drum sounds in the biz with a collection of microphones to satisfy any pallet. He is always willing to explore a new method to get a unique sound while coming from a solid old school proven technique. Combining the best elements from an array of electronic digital to the warmth of analog while tweaking the frequency spectrum to please the most discerning ear creates the signature lush sound of FreqLab.”

- Jami Deva

“Freq Lab is one of if not THE quickest growing professional studios in the Bay Area.”

- Lost MC

"FreqLab Recording is truly the best of both worlds! Having vintage flavor and appeal mixed with state of the art Gear, makes FreqLab Recording an ideal place for inspiration and creation."


“My experience at FreqLab has always been exceptional to say the least. Both Brian and Zack are knowledgeable and fluent with ALL their gear, and know how to get that sound I'm always looking for. These guys are very professional and fast. FreqLab has always been my choice for recording and will be for all my future projects. I highly recommend checking them out!”

- David Engle

“Zack and Brian from FreqLab Recording did a great job of editing and mixing for me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great sound. They were also very quick!”

- Victor Conte

“I have worked at FreqLab twice now and both times I have come out of there extremely satisfied with the results. Engineer Brian DeLizza is quick, precise and highly trained in his craft and it shows on every thing he touches. The recent upgrades in the studio make FreqLab one of the best rooms in the city. Brian is kind, highly sensitive to your needs and always ready to get the job done with grace, speed and accuracy.”

- David Jenkins - Artist/Producer www.Audiokin.com